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Are you left feeling depleted and unappreciated in your relationships? Always the one putting in the effort but getting nothing back in return. Feeling a sense of unworthiness and never being good enough? You are just stuck in your old programmed ways. You CAN shift your mindset! And YOU WILL! Here we learn all about healthy boundaries and we will stop people pleasing at the detriment of our own happiness. We can have a healthy and thriving love but it has to start from within! Are you ready to level up and love yourself so fiercely that others can't help but do the same? Let's go!  We don't settle for mediocre over here! We go after extraordinary love and nothing less than.

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How It Works

Self Aware

This is a beneficial life skill. You start from within. Understanding your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Taking time to analyze your values, goals, skills, strengths, and challenges. Developing self-confidence by recognizing what sets you apart from others and the unique gifts that you possess.

THEN We dive deep into our childhood wounds

Unresolved childhood trauma can significantly influence how we show up in relationships. It can often lead to damaging behavior patterns and difficulties with intimacy. By recognizing, understanding, and healing from our childhood experiences we are able to create more healthy and meaningful relationships.

THEN we Change our mindset, apply the work and flourish!

Having a victim mentality can drain our energy and cloud our judgment, holding us back from evolving into being our best selves. When you choose to transition your thinking to a warrior mindset, you’ll be amazed at how uplifting and empowering it can be. 

Girl show me the way!

we can help because we've been there

From Unfulfilled to Thriving Love:
Our Journey...

Boy have we got a story to tell, one that might just resonate with you if you've ever felt unfulfilled in your past relationships – because we've been there too.

Like many of you, we once found ourselves stuck in a cycle of relationships that left us feeling like something was missing. We yearned for that deep, authentic connection – the kind that goes beyond the surface and touches the very core of your being.

But somehow, we kept finding ourselves in partnerships that didn't quite align with our true selves and desires. Can you relate? 🤔

Which has lead us here to teach as many people as we come in contact with.

real talk:

It's that time for you to finally do some inner child healing and take a look into the deeper parts of you that are holding you back from greatness. Stop living in those programmed ways. Happiness starts within!!!

It was a turning point when we realized that the path to finding intentional and thriving love starts from within. We embarked on a journey of self-discovery, diving deep into our own hearts and minds. It wasn't always easy – it meant confronting past wounds, embracing vulnerability, and being honest with ourselves about what we truly needed in a partner.

Through introspection and inner healing, we began to release the patterns that were holding us back. We learned to love ourselves fully, to set healthy boundaries, and to communicate our needs openly. As we did the inner work, something incredible happened: we attracted a partner who resonated with our newfound sense of self and our vision of intentional love.

Today, we're grateful to say that we've found what we yearned for in each other! It's a partnership built on a foundation of mutual respect, deep connection, and shared values. And we want you to know that this kind of love is absolutely within your reach too.

If you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or wondering if intentional love is possible for you – we're here to tell you that-- it is. Your journey begins with that first step of looking within, of valuing yourself and your own self worth. We're here to guide and support you, just as we've guided ourselves.

Remember, you're deserving of a love that nourishes your soul and uplifts your spirit. We're living proof that transformation is possible, and we can't wait to walk this path of discovery with you.

You don't have to do this alone. We understand. And we're simply here to help guide you to a path of extraordinary and thriving love.

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Here’s What You Need

Enhanced Intimacy and Connection

Elevate your relationship and deepen your connection by prioritizing the building and maintenance of emotional and physical intimacy. Strengthening the overall bond with your partner is a key aspect of fostering a fulfilling and enduring connection, creating a foundation for lasting happiness and mutual growth

strategies for resolving conflicts 

Learn the nuances of constructive conflict management, honing communication skills that navigate disagreements with empathy and finesse. Gain valuable insights into finding common ground, essential for fostering a harmonious and resilient connection on your journey to a thriving relationship.

Clarifying Relationship Goals

Explore the journey of aligning your long-term goals and aspirations with your partner through our online group coaching platform. Delve into the importance of determining the future direction of your relationship, fostering a shared vision that strengthens your connection and brings purpose to your journey together.

“Honestly, this program changed the relationship with myself. Which changed the relationship with everyone else that came into my life.”


How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:


Valuing yourself. Treating yourself with kindness and respect, and avoiding self-criticism.


Raising your standards and learning to set boundaries within a relationship built
on mutual respect and understanding.


Learning to say NO and stop people pleasing. It's time to say yes to your well being.


Learning to surround yourself with uplifting, encouraging and healthy relationships.


Stop accepting half a$$ relationships from people who only wanna take and don't ever give or put in the effort.

I can relate! Enroll me now!

I can relate! Enroll me now!

I can relate! Enroll me now!

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Yes, It Really Works

Amber gained her power back.

"I’ve learned more in 3 weeks from your program than I have from years and years of therapy."

Lost in the cycle of toxic relationships, I was just fed up and wanted so much more for myself. I had lost hope of wanting to find a life partner and kept settling for casual relationships and realized those didn't offer any fulfillment. I wanted a thriving and intentional love and so I contacted MickSauce and the transformation has been life changing!

Kisha kicked limiting beliefs in the face!

"I'm finally able to see my value and my self-worth!"

Within 2 weeks of the program I learned to put up boundaries in my relationship which is something I have never been able to do! My standards are at an all time high and there are things I will no longer settle for. 

Diana has taken the step to change her life for the better and it shows.

"I see the woman I am becoming now that I am on the right path to healing."

It feels F-ing great to live free from the darkness and demons. I can’t thank you enough Denise, you’re helping me heal in ways I never imagined. Your inner healing program is life altering. Keep up the blessed work.”

Eve finally had her freedom back

“Working with Denise was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.”

I've learned how to not accept bad behavior from relationships. I know what respect feels like now and I will no longer accept breadcrumbs or the bare minimum in a relationship. I put a ton of effort into my relationships and I expect the same in return. Denise is a blessing!

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you want a love built on trust, honesty and complete transparency

You always pick emotionally unavailable partners

YOu WANT more confidence when it comes to your relationship

You're sick and tired of meaningless relationships

you're tired of people pleasing and just want someone who pours into the relationship the way you do

You are ready to put up healthy boundaries

You want to raise your standards and find someone who respects and values you

You crave a deep and meaningful love

you are ready to kick toxic behaviors/
relationships to the curb

you're ready for true joy and happiness

is that a yes?

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You are ready to be the best version of yourself and believe there is so much more out there for you. You want to surround yourself with a like minded people who get you. You crave a life with a healthy and happy partner. You are not alone!!! Together we are stronger! Let's create change NOW!


"I finally have the courage to stand up for myself and will only accept a partner that values me for all that I am. Forever grateful for Denise & 
Robert. You have changed my life!"

- m


Taking you from unfulfilling relationships to a thriving and intentional love.