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I’m Denise Nicole,
Your New BFF and Self Worth Coach

I help women heal from toxic behaviors to develop healthy relationships, have a life worth living and to truly understand her worth.

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Ready to Evolve?!!

If you're tired of your own BS and want to make changes to truly live and not just exist. You are in the right place girlfriend! Here we will evolve, learn our triggers and react differently to them, get our emotions under control, reparent our inner child, become self aware and love ourselves fiercely. We will show up daily and be ready for a healthy relationship, when the time is right. And if you are in a relationship we will show you how to create healthy boundaries to have a thriving one!

here's what i do:

Self Worth Coaching


Evolve into the woman you are meant to be!! Let's get down to the nitty gritty on what your triggers are and why they are holding you back. Learn to release those false beliefs we tell ourselves and become more intentional with life.

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Self Love Photography

Self care is a thing! Let me show you what a huge difference showing up for yourself brings to your life! By putting in the work. your confidence will shine through your images!

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Thriving Couples Coaching

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Are you wanting a more intentional relationship with your partner? Here we will talk about dating, real life issues, healing, thriving and uniting as one.

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“Denise was the best choice I’ve made for healing inside. She’s freaking phenomenal!” She not only makes you feel loved, she actually SEES you.


Enneagram 2, total empath and nurturer who swears my superpower is making people feel seen, heard and loved.

Trust me when I say, I know what it was like, to feel unworthy and unloved. I have done some deep diving to find out the things that made me who I am and the childhood traumas that have paralyzed me and caused me to do some toxic things in my life. I'm so grateful for finally making changes to live my life to the fullest and actually enjoy the woman I was meant to be today. I know now that I am worthy and deserving of an intentional and healthy love that I have craved for my entire life. I started with myself. And now I am in a thriving relationship because of it.  You can be too!

About me

Need A Place To Unload Your Thoughts?

Self Love Journals, especially made just for you! I've been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. But I've never found that perfect ONE. So I decided to create my own! Implementing journaling into my daily routine has been a life changer! Not only does it feel great to remember all those amazing moments but it also feels great to get all the messier parts of your life out of your body and onto paper. You can also learn how much you have grown, what you will no longer put up with, and what you definitely want for your future moving forward!

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Top resources

Thriving Couples Guide

Are you wanting a more intentional relationship with your partner? Here we will talk about dating, real life issues, healing, thriving and uniting as one.


Healing Your Inner Child Guide

We all have a wounded child inside of us. Here we will find out what that is and start working on parts of us that need healing in order to evolve.


Self Discovery Guide

This is a process of getting to know yourself on a deeper level, understanding your values, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.  Here is a guide to help you on your journey.



Helping women heal from toxic behaviors to have a life worth living and to truly


You are all that and a bag a chips lil mama. Don't ever forget who you are and what you have to offer. I'm here to remind you that through hard work and discipline you can be the best version of yourself and attract anything your heart desires. Let's go!

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Find out how we date intentionally, work through problems and get some awesome and transparent advice on the hard convos from both points of view!

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Here you will find journals that I have created personally! You will also find E-Books and Worksheets to evolve into a better YOU!

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The Latest on the Blog —

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness + Meditation have done wonders for my depression!! I have not felt depressed in over 3 years!! Believe it or not. It's magic! This does take time and consistency. Nothing good in life comes easy!

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Date Yourself!

Yes beautiful, I'm talking to you. Dating yourself is so important. We show ourselves what we want in a relationship and we won't accept anything less. Plus it's so fun to get to know us on an intimate level!

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Work on YOU for YOU!

Please know this work is all for you. It's not for the person you are with in the relationship (although that is super important) but the change comes when you want to be a better person first and foremost for yourself!

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Taking you from unfulfilling relationships to a thriving and intentional love.