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Walk in self worth and confidence. Say no to toxic relationships.

June 8, 2023

I’m Denise Nicole.
Welcome to my little corner of the world! We are here to heal from within. Learn to control our reactions to triggers and kick toxic habits and relationships to live a healthier lifestyle.
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As you are going through the inner healing process you learn to value and respect yourself in ways you never thought possible. Disrespecting yourself or others disrespecting you, no longer serves a purpose in your life. You can immediately tell the difference with the way someone acts or approaches you if they are being sincere and authentic or not.

Take the time and effort to fully understand yourself better, heal from past hurts, and become more emotionally resilient. Learn to trust your intuition which normally knows well before we know. And be ready for a healthy relationship when it presents itself. Do not succumb to meaningless situationships to entertain yourself (in the meantime) until your dream partner shows up because I promise you, this hinders your growth! I’m saying this from experience!!!

Those situationships can mess you up girlfriend, if your mind isn’t right and you are in a vulnerable state. You may think you are getting under someone to get over someone else but that is the worst thing you can do to yourself!

There is no amount of D that can make you feel better inside (emotionally). Only YOU can do that!!!

VALUE YOURSELF. Make yourself a priority! Because I know damn well being in a situtionship does NOT make you feel like a priority, you are only an OPTION at that point little mama. And you KNOW you deserve more than being someone’s OPTION. Move away from casual or meaningless situationships and focus on finding a partner who is truly compatible and supportive.

Seek someone who has high morals and standards, is loyal, honest, transparent, kind, respectful, encouraging, uplifting and emotionally mature. They will also be looking for someone who shares similar values and life goals, and who is willing to work through challenges and conflicts in a healthy way.

If you’re someone who is doing major inner healing and looking for a meaningful relationship, it’s important to take things slowly and prioritize your own emotional well-being. This may involve setting clear boundaries, communicating your needs and expectations, and being willing to walk away from situations that don’t feel right for you.

Finding a partner who is truly compatible and supportive takes time, patience, and a willingness to be vulnerable. But with commitment and perseverance, it’s possible to build a healthy and fulfilling relationship that supports your personal growth and well-being.

If you are looking for a place to start your inner healing journey and stop saying no to meaningless relationships… I’m here for you Queen!

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