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March 22, 2023

I’m Denise Nicole.
Welcome to my little corner of the world! We are here to heal from within. Learn to control our reactions to triggers and kick toxic habits and relationships to live a healthier lifestyle.
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About 3.5 year ago I was sitting in my room in defeat. I was super depressed. My mom was sick with Covid and I was worried she wasn’t going to make it. I had gotten sick while taking care of her and brought it home to my entire family and got them sick. We all survived thankfully. 🙏🏽 but it was rough.

My boyfriend at the time broke up with me during it all. I was devastated. I was quarantined for 2.5 months and all I wanted was someone to love ME and to take care of ME. Little did I know at that moment, that person was me all along.

Instead of playing the victim, I threw myself into self care mode. I researched why I chose men who constantly abandoned me. The answer is always childhood trauma (look up self help videos on abandonment if either of your parents walked out/checked out/got divorced). This will explain a lot of why you choose the partners you do.

I realized I was in a trauma bond relationship and I quickly shifted my mindset.

I started hypno therapy to heal my inner child that ruled my life.

I went vegetarian for 3 months to gain mental clarity.

I started meditating daily and am on day 962!!! Holy shit such a HUGE goal!!!

I learned how to react different to my triggers.

And I chose MYSELF daily!!!

I haven’t been depressed in over a year. My mind is at its healthiest. And I have attracted a man who is healed, conscious, loving, understanding and compassionate.

When you make changes, you create your own world.

Yes it’s fuc@ing hard!!! But DO THE INNER WORK! If you are sick and tired of the bullshit in your life…. Do the damn work!!!!! You will thank yourself a billion times over for doing so. Because what’s on the other end of fear…. is freedom.

Xoxo what changes will you make today?

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