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Ready to embrace the extraordinary woman you truly are? Here we will talk about doing the inner work so that we don't have to rely on external energy to make us feel whole. We will show up daily for ourselves and learn to live more confidently than ever before!

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Releasing a partner that no longer serves purpose
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Releasing a Relationship That No Longer Serves You

A lot of you have asked how I was able to move on from a toxic relationship that I was in for 4 years (off and on). So I decided to write a blog post on it. I hope this helps someone out there! It was a very difficult relationship to leave. I know that […]

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I’m Denise Nicole.
Welcome to my little corner of the world! We are here to heal from within. Learn to control our reactions to triggers and kick toxic habits and relationships to live a healthier lifestyle.
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I wanted different outcomes so I made different moves

About 3.5 year ago I was sitting in my room in defeat. I was super depressed. My mom was sick with Covid and I was worried she wasn’t going to make it. I had gotten sick while taking care of her and brought it home to my entire family and got them sick. We all […]

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Inner healing is a journey that requires us to confront and process past traumas, negative experiences, and limiting beliefs. It involves the process of letting go of emotional pain and negative energy and replacing it with positive thoughts and emotions. While there are many different techniques and tools for inner healing, mindfulness and meditation are […]

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Work on you for you

In a world that is constantly busy and demanding, it can be easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. We may focus so much on our work, relationships, or other responsibilities that we neglect our own well-being. However, it’s important to remember that self-improvement is not selfish. In fact, working on yourself can have […]

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Self love isn’t always bubble baths and massages. It’s putting in the work. It’s sitting alone in your feelings and accepting that you will unravel, layer by layer. There was about a year (after a breakup) that I cried myself to sleep many a nights because I was so lonely. I just wanted to be […]

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Online women community, inner healing coaching, self worth, gain self confidence, heal wounds

Hey Beauties! I’m Denise Nicole, your new Hype Girl and biggest cheerleader!! Welcome to my new blog! I’m super excited to have you here!! This is my little corner of the internet world where I will share my ramblings on my inner healing journey. I hope you stick around for the ride!!! It may get […]

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Denise Nicole

Are you tired of feeling unworthy, unloved, not good enough, under appreciated, depleted, and tired of the meaningless situationships that always seem to come your way? Are you ready to level up and love yourself so fiercely that others can't help but do the same? Giiiiiirrrrrlllll.... I got you!!! We don't settle over here!

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You are capable of greatness! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and be the woman you were meant to be. Believe in yourself, you can do it! 


Enneagram 2, total nurturer who swears I liked blush before it became a thing. 

If you're tired of your own BS and want to make changes to truly live and not just exist. You are in the right place girlfriend! Here we will evolve, learn our triggers and react differently to them, get our emotions under control, reparent our inner child, become self aware and love ourselves fiercely. We will show up daily and be ready for a healthy relationship, when the time is right.

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